New Regular Confession Times Begin January 13th

New Regular Confession Times

Begin January 13th, 2018

Beginning January 13th 2018 we will be offering expanded confession times throughout the week at Immaculate Heart of Mary. Regular Confession times will be:

  • Monday – Friday
    • 8:00-8:25am
  • Wednesdays
    • 8:00-8:25am
    • 12-1pm
    • 4:30-5:20pm
  • Saturdays
    • 8:00-9:00am

We also have our Tridentine Mass on Saturdays @ 8:30am.

Advent Confessions

confessions advent

Advent Confessions Schedule

December 5 – December 22nd

To help us prepare to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ at Christmas, we have expanded our confessions schedule for Advent.

Here are a list of our confession times, and runs from until December 22nd.

  • Monday-Friday
    • 8-825a
  • Wednesdays

    • 8-825a
    • 12-1p
    • 4-525p
    • 6-7p
  • Saturdays

    • 830-1030a