What is Family Life Ministry?

family-life-ministriesWebster’s dictionary has many meanings for the word “family” that describe families here at Immaculate Heart of Mary. “Family” is: “A group of people united by certain convictions or a common affiliation”“…A group of individuals living under one roof.” “The basic unit in society having as its nucleus two or more adults who live together and cooperate in the care and rearing of their own or adopted children.”

The Immaculate Heart of Mary family is a group of people united by our common belief in God and our Catholic faith. Whatever your household looks like, you are a part of the family of Immaculate Heart of Mary; and therefore, served by Family Life Ministry. The mission of Family Life Ministry is to develop strong relationships with the members of Immaculate Heart of Mary through fun, community-building activities and spiritual enrichment programs. This ministry includes the areas that welcome new members through baptism and marriage. It extends to those parishioners who are single, the newly married, those that have been married for a while, single-parent and two-parent families with children of all ages, people who have raised their children, widows and widowers, and those who are retired. At the end of your life, Family Life Ministry helps your family with your funeral needs at Immaculate Heart of Mary.Family Life Ministry is a work in progress. As needs are presented, we work to find ways to meet those needs. This is a tremendous undertaking which cannot be accomplished by one person. Therefore, parishioners of Immaculate Heart of Mary who value the family are asked to volunteer their help.

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Opportunities to SERVE  in Family Life

[columns] [one_half] [accordion] [accordion_section title=”Funeral Luncheon Committee”] Volunteers host a luncheon after funeral services for families who are grieving the loss of a loved one. Volunteers donate food, coordinate food donations, prepare and serve the meal, and/or clean the kitchen. [/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Rosary Makers”] Rosary makers meet on Tuesday mornings to make rosaries for various ministries supported by Immaculate Heart of Mary. [/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Prayer Chain”] The intercessory prayer chain prays daily for people of Immaculate Heart of Mary who submit their names to the church.  They pray for God’s healing and protection for those members who are ill and hurting. [/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Sprouts & Family Name Childcare”] This program is taught on Wednesday nights during Our Catholic Journey. Volunteers work with small children, ages 1-4 years old, in the Family Life Center while their parents attend adult faith formation. They help provide very basic faith formation. Volunteers rotate every 3-4 weeks. We are always in need of volunteers.
[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Kids Celebration”] Volunteers are needed to plan, organize, and host the All Saints Day party and Easter Egg Hunt. If you love planning parties, this is a great opportunity for you.
[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Socials & Receptions Committee”] Volunteers are needed to host receptions for various events at the church. If you like hosting parties this is the opportunity for you. Receptions may happen 3-4 times a year. [/accordion_section]
[accordion_section title=”Bereavement Ministry”] Volunteers send out letters periodically to the surviving family members to help them with their grieving process after the loss of a loved one. This is a great opportunity for people who want to volunteer from home. [/accordion_section] [/accordion] [/one_half] [one_half] [accordion] [accordion_section title=”Childcare”] Volunteers are needed to help with the care of young children while their parents are attending meetings at the church. Childcare is done at Immaculate Heart of Mary in the Family Life Center.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Summer Bazaar Committee”] The church bazaar is held in June each year. Many volunteers are needed to make the bazaar a success. Volunteers are needed to coordinate and plan the event, to help setup & tear down the bazaar, manage bingo and various other games, manage the children’s game area, sell food & raffle tickets, work the silent auction, and various other tasks. Please consider joining us as a volunteer as well as a participant.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Welcome Committee”] The welcome committee welcomes new parishioners into the community of Immaculate Heart of Mary! These volunteers staff the information desk before and after masses on the weekends to give out general information and to register new parishioners. Once a quarter, the welcome committee hosts a Newcomer’s Social for the new parishioners.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Newcomer’s Social”] Volunteers are needed to provide food for a potluck dinner for new parishioners. These volunteers prepare the meal, host new parishioners, and spend time at the dinner getting to know them to make them feel welcomed at Immaculate Heart of Mary.
[/accordion_section][accordion_section title=”Flower Garden Maintenance”] Do you like to garden? The flower garden on the north side of the church is in need of gardeners. Families are assigned a plot, which they plant and care for flowers and continue to maintain the plot.
[/accordion_section] [accordion_section title=”Respect Life Ministry”]
The Respect Life Ministry is dedicated to all issues concerning life, from conception to natural death. They are dedicated to Immaculate Heart of Mary parishioners working together to educate the parish and providing the tools necessary to impart our Catholic values that concern all aspects of life in a way that will positively affect the parish. Respect Life Ministry meets at 7 pm at the Stewardship Center on the third Monday of each month. If a holiday falls on Monday, the meeting moves forward one week.

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Linda Kalkhorst – Director of Family Life
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