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2017 Christmas Schedule

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Advent is upon us, and we’re excited to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Christmas Eve on a Sunday? That’s right! This year, Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday, so what does that mean for your Christmas obligation? Sunday morning mass will fulfill your Advent Sunday obligation, but not your Christmas obligation. Our mass times after 4pm on Christmas Eve are all Christmas masses. 
Here are our Christmas Eve mass times:
– 400pm
– 430pm (IHM Hall)
– 600pm
– 800pm
Here are our Christmas Day mass times:
– 12am (Midnight)
– 900am
– 1000am (Frassati)
– 1100am

7 thoughts on “2017 Christmas Mass Times

  1. This is very helpful — thank you! One thing that might be confusing though — the “Living in a Manger” schedule shows Midnight Mass on 12/25 while the “Here are our Christmas Day mass times” schedule doesn’t mention Midnight Mass at all.

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